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Mini Caravan



The Caravan rental offers the perfect solution for any traveler looking for a compact, comfortable, and secure traveling experience. Our caravans are designed to be pulled with a B-category driver's license and, thanks to their aerodynamic and smart design, they are very stable when towing -  you don't need a powerful car to tow them.

Caravans are located in TALLINN


Our caravans come with everything you need to make your road trip an unforgettable experience. All our caravans are equipped with inverters for your convenience, so you can charge your devices and stay connected while on the road. With a water tank, sink, and shower attachment, you can stay clean and refreshed throughout your journey. And with an audio system, you can enjoy your favorite music while taking in the sights.


Go to places

Leave your worries behind and hit the road with our caravans. Embrace your sense of adventure and experience the open road like never before. Whether you want to camp on a beautiful campsite or explore a new destination, our caravans are the perfect companion for your journey.

Our Caravans

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